1.  Car Audio, Speaker, & Antenna with "LG" of South 

T HERE are two factories belonging to "Moj Nikan Company"

that are engaged in this business: one is in Karaj , about 30 Km from West Tehran , and the other is in Eshtehard, about 90 Km from West Tehran .  The Karaj plant is located in a land of 7,000 sq. meters with three production areas in separate buildings in which car audio, speaker, and antenna are being produced.  The production capacity of the factory is 250,000 sets of car audio, 1,000,000 sets of speaker, and 1,000,000 sets of antenna.  "Moj Nikan Company" in charge of these manufacturing activities has signed a "technical assistance and technology transfer" contract with Korean LG (Goldstar .)  The products being manufactured under the license of LG are supplied to the market with LG (Goldstar) trademark.  Presently "Moj Nikan Company" is the only supplier of car audio, speaker, and antenna to car-manufactoring companies in Iran .  25% of the shares of the company belong to " Iran Khodro Company " which is the largest car manufacturer in Iran and the Middle East ..


2.  Floppy Diskette, with "K.Sonic" of Taiwan

"N IKAN Negar Afzar Company" with a plant of 2,000 sq. meter 

area in Simin Dasht, about 30 Km from Tehran is the first manufacturer of Magnetic diskette in Iran .  The factory produces 12,000,000 pieces of 3.5-inch floppy diskettes for computers annually in accordance with the standards of "American National Standards Institute" (ANSI)
The most up to date technology and the best quality fully automatic equipment including sophisticated quality control instruments are being utilized inside a clean room of "degree 10,000" which is the highest international standard for the manufacture of computer diskettes.  Fifty percent of the total annual production (6,000,000 pieces) is exported to Europe , Taiwan , Dubai , etc. and the rest is sold inside Iran .


3.  Auto Parts Made of SMC (Sheet Moulding 

T HE relationship among various components of composites 

 have been investigated for centuries.  In the 20th century, along with composite industry developments, its application in different industries, specially in auto industry, has been increasing day by day because of :

  1. Light weight of car body which results smaller engines and less energy consumption.
  2. Possibility of producing complicated parts with adequate strength.
  3. Shorter time needed to make moulds.

even for engine parts like air inlet manifold, usage of composite material is under investigation.  It is also interesting to know that , in recent years, producing doors, prefabricated bathrooms, kitchen sinks, boats, some parts of aircraft, highway guards, advertising panels, .. have been some of its applications.


4.  Herbal Extract and Essence, dry Herbs, Herbal
     Medications, Etc.

I RAN , as an ancient country, has been the founder of traditional

natural remedy and holistic medicine for a long time.  Iranian scientists in this field such as "Avecena" and "Rasis" are very well known among world scientists for their ancient traditional medical practices.  Because of diversity of climate and soil in different parts of Iran , over 8,000 species of plant grow naturally in Iran .  This, by itself, is twice the number of species of plants grow in  the whole Europe .  Nowadays, as the harmful side effects of chemical drugs and those of chemical medicine practices are becoming known to mankind.
Day by day, the people, alarmed by these dangers, are shifting away from chemical medicine towards the natural herbal medicine practices.  So the demand for herbs and herbal medications is increasing rapidly.  "Ghatran Gole Iran " plant is located in one of the most suitable parts of Iran . I.E. "Karkas" mountains near Iran desert, for obtaining herbs and their processing and manufacturing.  Thus, it supplies the needed raw material directly from this area.  The products of this factory are considered as having high quality in Iran and are used extensively by medicine manufacturing industry and consumers.  Among the countries buying a major portion of the products are: Germany , France , Britain , Japan , and Persian Gulf countries.  Its products are as follows: All types of herbal extract, rose water, 20 kinds of natural essence , dry rose, different types of other dry flowers, dry vegetables, dry herbs, herbal drugs and medication, etc..



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